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My Writing History

I just figured out I have been writing in a journal for  about 31 years. I have 10 blank books that I have filled. They are stored in one bag and I have another bag full of journals waiting for me to write in them. instagram

I have been writing a spiritual blessings book also. I have been working on that for 17 years. 2004-2020 and continuing. instagram

I have been keeping a reading list for about 17 years. It is a notebook of a list of the books I have read. 2003-2020 and continuing.  instagram

I have been blogging for about 6 years. Topics include writing, religion, living an ordinary life, simplicity and beauty of life, poetry.  The Unexpected Richness of an Ordinary Life

I have written and published 2 books of poetry and am currently working on my third one.  Amazon

Wednesday, July 29, 2020


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This is my second book of poetry

This is a book of beauty and simplicity.

My books are about beauty, hope and encouragement for the 

ordinary person. 

2. Albris

6. BAM

11. Powells

This is my first book of poetry

Godly Inspirations for the Troubled Soul
A book full of hope, beauty and encouragement for daily living.

This is a book of poetry. Within its pages you will find bible verses to uplift your spirit throughout your day. This is a book full of  beauty hope and encouragement for the ordinary person. 

1. Amazon Author Central

Lisa Miller's Book Video

Resources for Writers and Poets

Statement about my books

These books are attracted to adult women ages of 30-80. Younger women and men are free to read them also. But children are to young to understand the concepts. 

I write to uplift and encourage the human spirit. I believe everyone needs peace and beauty throughout their day. 

Through the reading of these books a person will learn how an ordinary life is rich and important. They will learn how an ordinary life is a blessing with each step they take and every decision they make. The words you choose to speak are important to each soul you come in contact with. Please learn to enrich, uplift and encourage each other.

Book Recommendations

Julia Cameron

Natalie Goldberg

Dani Shapiro

Danielle Steele

Richard Paul Evans

Wendy Alec

Temple Grandin

Dr. Tony Attwood

John Robison

Liane Holliday Willey

Luke Jackson

Kenneth Hall

Stephen M. Shore

Libraries and Autism

Book Quotes from my books

1. “Don't forget to leave your handprints on the ones you love and your footprints around the neighborhood.” 
― Lisa C. MillerGodly Inspirations for the Troubled Soul

2. “ With each teardrop; pain hits the floor” 
― Lisa C. MillerInspirations from Heaven's Gate

3. “Love is a strange creature that no man can understand” 
― Lisa C. MillerInspirations from Heaven's Gate

4. “A person who wants a pure and simple life can start a war within themselves and with society” 
― Lisa C. MillerInspirations from Heaven's Gate

5. “Prayer is to the soul what oxygen is to the heart life” 
― Lisa C. MillerInspirations from Heaven's Gate

6.“The person of yesterday is in the shadows of the past.” 
― Lisa C. Miller

7. “Music is heard in the background. As the movemnt becomes sharper; the many dancers acting but as one. She is one with her secret. As the time draws near, the woman's body begins to push. With the rhythm of the music and the beat of the dancer's feet; her secret almost revealed.” 
― Lisa C. MillerGodly Inspirations for the Troubled Soul



I am Lisa C. Miller. I am a poet who has had a creative partnership with the Holy Spirit for many years.
My family and I live in the beautiful state of  Ky.
I fell in love with poetry because of its beauty.
I understand most people have a hard time understanding poetry or maybe they do and it scares them.
But poetry shows man’s flaws, scars and beauty. There is not anything hidden.
I feel drawn to poetry because it shows mankind at its best and worse. Most people want things hidden.
One of the best ways to get to know yourself is to write because what was hidden is now open.
Poetry reveals man to himself but man is scared of himself so he runs away.
I like to blog, write, social media, read.
My parents always had books, paper and pens sitting around waiting to be used. You can find me even to this day with a book stuck to my face. To this day I have not been disappointed. I am never bored.
Now I not only read books but I write them. Writing books is just as much fun as reading them.

I read and write books so I can understand myself and others better. Writing poetry and trying to understand yourself is like working a puzzle. Some of the pieces come easy and others hurt. Writing poetry helps you to connect to your soul. 

Welcome Readers

Come and sit a while sip some tea, coffee or coke while we visit. It is informal friendly place to hangout. Hopefully you are a stronger, better person for being here. May we celebrate life, love and friendship together. May your visit be pleasant . My wish is to touch the heart of the world through the written word to help it smile. Go in peace my friend. May your week be filled with many blessings and the Lord delight your soul as he has mine on many occasions.

"The unfolding of your words give understanding to the simple"

Psalm 119:130 NKJV

My Writing History

I just figured out I have been writing in a journal for  about 31 years. I have 10 blank books that I have filled. They are stored in one ba...